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Contemplation, Champagne, and Rice Krispies Treats

Few things survive childhood. Mostly, clothes that no longer fit. But there is always a little treat you can give yourself when you really deserve a break. For some it’s their grandma’s chocolate chip cookies. For me, it’s Rice Krispie … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to Me…

I was all set to make dinner last night. Meatball ingredients. Check. Pie crust. Check. Vodka check check. Just kidding. That was when my husband came home and ushered me into another room for ten minutes while he set up … Continue reading

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Mission 1: Out with the Old

Considering the fact that my current diet consists of 2 oreo cookies and a latte during the day, I figured this blog was a good intervention idea. Life never seems to slow down. It just keeps running faster and faster. … Continue reading

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The Mid-Sunday Night Meltdown

My 25th birthday is in one week. My husband will be turning 26 in two more months. We’re happily married. We have two cars. We’re trying to scrape a living while pursuing that good ole American dream. In short order … Continue reading

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