About Us

We’re an adventurous couple who’d love for nothing more than to throw caution to the wind and travel around the world…except you’d have to call us Ishmael because we can’t cover the ever increasing airfare and cost to bring our luggage with us over many trips. Not to mention the fact that we can’t quit our jobs…we need them.

So, we’re bringing the world to us instead. The tastes and smells of different countries, minus the jet lag, will be invited and experimented upon with the help of our tiny kitchen. We’ll try 2 new recipes per week and a new country every two weeks. In a year, we’ll have sampled the exotic cuisine of 26 different countries. Our journey will start off as if we’re backpacking through Canada. We’ll continue our journey through Russia, Europe, Africa, South America, Mexico, and end with us back home in the United States this time next year.

We’ll share you trials and tribulations with you. We’ll share what recipe’s work for the average dumbstruck American and which one’s turn out disastrous.

Go check out Google Maps, and follow along with us as we jumped to 26 Countries:

  1. Canada
  2. Russia
  3. Mongolia
  4. China
  5. Greenland/Iceland
  6. India
  7. Thailand
  8. Australia
  9. Egypt
  10. Morocco
  11. South Africa
  12. Turkey
  13. Greece
  14. Romania
  15. Poland
  16. Italy
  17. France
  18. Spain
  19. Germany
  20. Nordic countries
  21. U.K.
  22. Ireland
  23. Chile
  24. Brazil
  25. Mexico
  26. U.S.

That’s not all. We want you to join us in this adventure. All the recipes will be accessible online and posted in advance so you try your hand at each dish as well. Come back if you haven’t burned your house down from cooking and tell us how the recipe went for you.

If we haven’t burned our kitchen down, we’ll celebrate together.

Come and cook your way around the world with us!

If you’d like to contact us, send over an email:

26countriesand1kitchen at gmail dot com

You can also get future updates through Facebook: 26 Countries and 1 Kitchen!


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