A Spooky Boo Beverage for Halloween

With Halloween just days away, I couldn’t wait to try out a whole host of ghoulish dishes and drinks.

Therefore, we’re celebrating Halloween in the only way we know how with a mountain of sugar, chocolate, candy, and icing. Instead of going door-to-door, we’re going back and forth from store to store. That’s just what savvy adults do. The main goal in mind? To have fun like its 1999 again 🙂

We selected a simple yet spooky drink: Boo Beverage. We scaled down the recipe so it would serve 2-3 by adding 3/4 cup orange juice and milk, 1 ripe banana, and 2 cups of Orange Sherbet to a blender.

That was it. We blended it for a moment before pouring it into our glasses. That’s when the real fun started. We added whip cream to a plastic bag and cut off one end so that we could attempt to pipe out the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man onto the top of our drinks…which we did while giggling like it was 1990. We then added in drops of strawberry syrup to give our ghouls creepy red eyes.

It turned out beautifully and it was so much fun! And the drink? So good. It tasted like a cross between an Orange Julius and a Smoothie…who could ask for more?!

*Extra grisly details:

Make sure your whip cream is thawed. We had to hold our plastic bag filled with frozen whip cream over a hot faucet to get it to melt which made the ghosts a touch harder to pipe. Although, it did make the ghost shape outline easier to make since the whip cream was a touch thicker.

When you do pipe out the ghosts, we found out that making the outline of a stick figure and then filling it in (left ghost cup in the picture) turned out better than trying to make out a ghoulish outline first (right ghost in the picture)…but using different techniques made for more unique ghouls.

For the eyes, we used strawberry syrup which we had on hand. We poured out a small batch of syrup into a bowel and used a dipped spoon to drip the syrup onto the ghosts. It turned out but the recipe traditionally calls for miniature chocolate chips for the eyes which I think would have worked out better for a more consistent look.

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