How to Make Engagement Chicken!

When I stumbled across this recipe, How to Make Engagement Chicken from Glamour magazine a year ago, I immediately became enamored. Engagement chicken? It sounded like one of those ultimate “wife tools” you should know about like how to tie a tie, how to make amazing chocolate chip cookies, and how to roast a chicken while juggling your three perfect children and not smearing your $40 mascara. Those kinds of things…

Sure, I had snagged my hubby long ago, without an engagement chicken, but I did lure him in with, “Marry Me Sweet Treats.” For my lunch break as a senior in high school, I would come home and bake brownies, cookies, and muffins to bring back with me wrapped in tin foil and a love note!

And it totally worked….we eloped after dating for just nine months and in two weeks, we’ll be having our 7th wedding anniversary.

Thus, magical dishes and recipes do exist. You should take this recipe very seriously. God speed my single friends. God speed.

As for me? Maybe I’m hoping my hubby will get down on one knee again and profess that we should reaffirm our vows to one another. Oh wait, we already did that. Did I mention that I love weddings?? Maybe 3 times is a charm?

Actually, we’re making this meal at my in-laws house and for my in-laws! So I’m really hoping this magical recipe will make them start to profess their undying love for me as their daughter-in-law. Here’s a wife who really knows how to cook and feed their son. She’s a keeper, right? Right.

And maybe they’ll forget that whole, “I ran off with your first born,” thing.  🙂

Since we’ve been visiting, we didn’t tell them a thing. They left early in the day to run errands and we thought it’d be a perfect treat to surprise them with a roasted lemon chicken for dinner.

Despite the fact that we have never cooked a whole chicken before, it didn’t bother us too much. The recipe looked very simple.

We purchased a 5 1/2 lb chicken at the store, basil for garnish, and 2 whole lemons. Once home, we rinsed the chicken after removing the giblets.

At which point my husband noted we should just throw them away since we’re not making gravy. At which point I stared at him blankly and reaffimed that we would never add it to gravy. Not today, not tomorrow.

I do not like chopped liver gravy. I would not eat it in this house, I would not eat it in our house. I will never eat chopped liver gravy here or there, I do not like it anywhere!

Like I said, we removed the giblets without issue and let the chicken sit in a collander for two minutes while it drained. We then patted the chicken dry and placed it breast down in an open oven bag in a pan. We poured salt and pepper liberally all over the chicken inside and out as well as poured 1/2 cup of lemon juice on it inside and out. We then beat two lemons to death with a fork and stuffed the chicken with it.

Basically once we were done thoroughly molesting the dead chicken carcass, it was ready to be cooked!

We rolled back our oven bag so it could cook uncovered before putting it into the over at 350 degrees for 15 minutes. We then pulled it back out of the oven, flipped the bird, pierced its thigh with a meat thermometer, and closed up the oven bag before letting it burn for an 1 hour and 1/2.

Mission Accomblished.

I couldn’t wait for my husband’s parents to come home for dinner.

And guess what? It came out beautifully. We were supposed to let it sit for 10 minutes but we were starving after having to smell it the whole time so we dug in right away.

It tasted wonderful! Truly satisfying. I couldn’t believe it. It was juicy and moist and full of flavor. The prep was overall very easy too.

Oh yeah and what did my in-laws think? Well as luck would have it they never came back because they went out to dinner instead. Drat. It looks like I’ll just have to start feeding them my Marry Me Sweets….

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2 Responses to How to Make Engagement Chicken!

  1. Krista says:

    This looks so good!

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