China: A World Full of Vast Cuisine

Chinese food. There isn’t a more varied cuisine available. In addition to our many western copies, China has several different styles of cooking depending on where you are geographically…and how rich you are. I’d like to think we’re the traveling Beckhams who are attempting to appear humble by not breaking the bank to cook these recipes.

Common ingredients also vary but rice and noodles are staples. China was also “one of the first countries to cultivate and drink tea.” In fact, the word tea trickled down from China itself. We’ll be trying to grab Chinese Tea at the store or green tea as well as Saké!

We’re trying our best to cook traditional chinese recipes which can be tricky as websites are often tricky. What one person sees as authentic the other does not at all.

Here’s what we found:

A healthy, authentic Chinese cuisine website. We figure our arteries need a break after Mongolia.

Chicken and Sweet Corn Soup – Tuesday Night Dinner 4/12

Bang, Bang Chicken – Thursday Night Dinner 4/14

Beef Lo Mein– Tuesday Night Dinner 4/19

Char siu Barbecued Roast Pork– Thursday Night Dinner 4/21

That’s how we’re gonna roll around China….unless you have any suggestions!

We wish you Good Luck in Chinese cuisine: 好运!

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2 Responses to China: A World Full of Vast Cuisine

  1. Jane Cook says:

    The name Bang Bang Chicken just sounds fun, but I can’t abide cucumbers.
    Enjoy China!

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