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Contemplation, Champagne, and Rice Krispies Treats

Few things survive childhood. Mostly, clothes that no longer fit. But there is always a little treat you can give yourself when you really deserve a break. For some it’s their grandma’s chocolate chip cookies. For me, it’s Rice Krispie … Continue reading

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China: A World Full of Vast Cuisine

Chinese food. There isn’t a more varied cuisine available. In addition to our many western copies, China has several different styles of cooking depending on where you are geographically…and how rich you are. I’d like to think we’re the traveling … Continue reading

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Boortsog- Mongolia’s Only Cookie

Boortsog. The supposed hidden “gem” of Mongolian cuisine. After the salty milk tea, we had severe doubts…which is why we put off making it until last night at 11:00. It was late and I’d been working away at the computer. … Continue reading

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Suutei Tsai- Milk Tea

You’d think we’d be safe when we picked milk tea. Despite Mongolia being known for it’s less than appetizing dishes, we thought milk tea would be more than a safe pick. After all, it’s just practically milk and tea. We … Continue reading

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Mongolia: A Short Trip

As travelers, we reserve the right to lengthen or shorten our trip in a particular country. Mongolia is one those countries. Our culinary trip will be very short there. In our naivety, we thought Mongolian cuisine would be delightful. After … Continue reading

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Russian Marshmallows

Our last voyage into Russia ends with a perilous mission: Make the Stay Puff Marshmallow man and let it attack the the city. Get Ghostbusters on speed dial. But to save on time…we decided to make it’s offspring, Russian Marshmallows … Continue reading

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Roast Loin of Pork with Apple Stuffing

When we were looking for Russian recipes, I came across a website that had Russian food recipes targeted at Kiwi’s. So just to make sure we have this right, we’re hapless American cooks reading a Russian recipe that’s been translated … Continue reading

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