Happy Birthday to Me…

I was all set to make dinner last night. Meatball ingredients. Check. Pie crust. Check. Vodka check check. Just kidding.

That was when my husband came home and ushered me into another room for ten minutes while he set up a Saint Patrick themed party with streamers, a dozen red roses, a white cake, and a bottle of champagne. Before I could do anything but gasp in surprise, he whisked me off to dinner at my favorite restaurant.

I immediately gave in because I’m easily sold. I protested and said, “Wait! But we have our blog. Tonight is Meatball night.” But you know what? It would have been rude to not accept his insistent request. We made the compromise that Thursday night we will make the meatballs, pea soup (hopefully it’s irish green?), and maple sugar pie.

Until Friday!

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2 Responses to Happy Birthday to Me…

  1. bearrunner says:

    Sounds like a great birthday!

    Happy birthday to you…


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