Ready, Set, Go- Canadian Recipes

Au Canada, here we come. Our friendly neighbor to the north, so friendly in fact your passport doesn’t even require a stamp when you cross the border. And for a someone who’s never traveled out of the country and desperately wanted a stamp on her passport, I was severely disappointed. However, a glass of ice wine that night at dinner cheered me up right away.

We searched the internet high and low for Canadian recipe’s. We spent all day and night slaving over it. Ok…maybe we didn’t. But we did do our research. It appears that Canadian cusine can be broken down into two components: English (more American/western like) and French. There is also a far amount of Chinese Canadian Cuisine but since we plan to visit China, we’re going to overlook this one. We tried to find a good balance between English and French canadian dishes.

As we scoured the web, a few types of recipe’s kept popping up: Pea soup, Tourtiere (dinner pie), and Maple Sugar Cream pie (a Quebec famous dessert). We’ve included those in our picks as well as a few other dishes found on Canadian cooking websites.

Open-Faced Sausage and Canadian Swiss Ruebens: Tuesday Night Dinner 3/8

Traditional French Canadian Tourtiere: Thursday Night Dinner 3/10

Honey Garlic Meatballs and Maple Sugar Cream Pie: Birthday Night Dinner 3/15

Speedy Spilt Pea Soup with Bacon: Final Dish Dinner 3/17

If you’re following along on with us, I wanted to give you an ample amount of time to get those ingredients or pick and choose which ones most interest you. Tonight to start the year off, we chose a more western Canadian dinner choice in order to make up for the Chocolate Panini failure attempt. So, if you could send some good luck vibes our way, we’d greatly appreciate it….

In addition, if you know any of the countries we are visiting and would like to suggest a dish or recipe, you can email us at 26countriesand1kitchen at gmail dot com.

You can also get future updates through Facebook: 26 Countries and 1 Kitchen!

Instead of saying, “Bon appetite” we’re going to sign off with the phrase Good Luck in French:

Bonne Chance!

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4 Responses to Ready, Set, Go- Canadian Recipes

  1. Sherri O. says:

    Good luck on your adventure. You might want to check out Angela from as she is a blogger from Canada and has some absolutely wonderful looking dishes.

  2. Wow that sounds tasty!! Especially the Maple Sugar Cream Pie. Who knew Canada had such diverse and unique traditional food?

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